Petting a labrador

Tips and tricks on effective and fun labrador care

labrador training and puppy barking labrador training course to help stop puppy barking and get the most fun with your puppy labrador. Video start with training labradors to perform commands

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25 Responses to “labrador training and puppy barking”

  • bbeastboy08 says:

    awsome dog

  • TheLadyticia says:

    waw tis awesome….i would give everythig for my one yea
    r old labrador to obey me like this….love it.

  • TheLadyticia says:

    waw tis awesome….i would give everythig for my one yaer old labrador to obey me like this….love it.

  • DaddysPrincess148 says:

    Theres everything you can teach a dog except to bark. I try to say “I love you” to my lab hoping she will bark and say i love you to like mishka does anyone no how to train a dog to bark when told?

  • mojoelizabeth says:

    whoa how did she learn this?????

  • suzzysu says:


  • snakegirl102000 says:

    ohmy god . that was sooooo cute :)

  • labradorspups says:

    Great training. What training video did you use?

  • SuperBass246 says:

    Wow how did you do this ?!?

  • Deimosx110 says:

    Lol coconut cute name and such a good girl

  • primogennaio says:

    @Niar13 I had a Labrador retriever. He died and I miss him. They are adorable, obedient and intelligent.

  • PrinceOftheCty says:

    Nice dog… And crazy nice house too

  • Niar13 says:

    hands up for everyone who thinks that labs are the best breed

  • 1983Dave1983 says:

    @stopbeingnasty, hey. He’s about 5 months, just over now. His name is Lucky. I’m the only one who trains him! He loves swimming but hates being showered lol. He’s so gorgeous. Thank you for asking :-)

    How’s your chocolate lab getting on? I don’t see many chocolate around here, it’s a shame!

  • stopbeingnasty says:

    @jaarpo she cant be untrained then.

  • stopbeingnasty says:

    @1983Dave1983 so how is puppy now? we have a 12 week old chocolate Lab and wow full on!…but she is perfect….of course. lol

  • stopbeingnasty says:

    @sweetbearkisses the dog whisperer was on the other day and he flipped the dog onto the dogs side and held it down….not sure of the agression in your dog (how bad it is) but if you you tube dog whisperer im sure you will find amazing stuff!

  • mamagrulz says:

    Can you please tell me the name of the training video? We have a blind Labrador 8 weeks old we would like to train

  • kiyashi888 says:

    @sweetbearkisses throw it down and bite its nose :D

  • sweetbearkisses says:

    Hey my lab is real agressive and trys to be the boss always what do i do?

  • izaacdaxtorres says:

    what training video

  • GELisherenotqueer says:

    this is brilliant, i wish my dog could do that, especially at 1:00


    This is pretty good, and it shows how awesome the Breed truly is. Watch this Awesome Dog Video and how great they are. We can even take them into Macy’s and let them off leash, we can go into the Irvine Spectrum and allow them to hang out in front of the Improv and other stores. Our Service here in Orange County is the Best, watch the Video and See for Yourself!

  • 1983Dave1983 says:

    @southwind1980 – Arrive? Did you order it from Amazon? ;-) .
    How’s the pup and it’s training? We’re going to get our black labrador puppy on the 3rd July. Can’t wait!

  • coolmath10 says:

    so cute!

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